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[IP] Excel spreadsheet

Hi Ken,
Thank you for your suggestions.  I agree with you on the sheet to go with
it.  I originally programmed it for myself, and I had the user's guide in my
head.  I will get on that this week.  Please stay tuned.

As for the formulas, I used the information from the "Pumping Insulin" book
for the ideal weight(pp40-43).  The exercise is from the same.  I also like
the part about making different colors for the primary information for the

The fat and protein parts I put in for seeing how much of each I was
consuming.  I found I was eating a diet of 52% carbs, 42% fat, and 8%
protein.  I've used that information to make changes to my diet.

Other projects I'm working on is an Access 97 database to make this easier.
But that, of course, is another story.

Thank you for your suggestions, and look for the changes later this week.


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