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Re: [IP] Excel Spreadsheet

Hi, Jeff.  I downloaded your Excel Spreadsheet.  It looks great.  I am 
relatively new at the concepts of carbo counting and I am still exploring the 
intricacies of "pumping" insulin.  I have lots of questions regarding both.
I have not had a great deal of time to try your sheet and still somewhat 
unclear as to how the information is used.  I am very experienced in using 
Excel and have been tracking my BG's and insulin usage with it.  Your work 
seems to go far beyond re: carbohydrate, protein and fat intakes.  I am not 
sure where the numbers come from re exercise, male, female, body type, etc., 
found on page 2.  Seems to encompass everything.  Do you include the "snacks" 
as part of the total intake?  I did not see any reference in the formulas 
that included them.  As far as recommendations, my experience has taught me 
that it is useful when putting out a program for "public consumption," to add 
a sheet with a text box with a brief explanation at the top describing the 
purpose of the program, include both instructions on how to use the program 
and an explanation of the numbers referenced in the formulas if they are not 
obvious.  I would also place a light background color on the cells which can 
or should be filled in by the individuals using the program. Overall, I 
applaud your accomplishment.It is a job well done. 
email @ redacted (Ken Lacharite)
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