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[IP] Testing toes

APRIL MAR wrote:
> I am trying to get pregnant and so testing between 10 and 15 times a day
> for good control.  Because of the wear and tear on my finger tips I
> thought I would try a test and see if I could use my toe.  So I tested
> using blood from my toe (results 62) and then immediately did another
> test with blood from my finger (result 89)!

Even if you had done the test from two fingers, or even the same finger,
there would most likely have been a variation: the meters just aren't
THAT accurate. 

I'm concerned about testing toes, because IF you should get an
infection, it could be catastrophic.

One of the differences between fingers and toes is that the fingers are
out in the open, and dry most of the time, whereas the toes are in
moist, dark, bacteria-friendly shoes. They are FAR more likely to get
infected than fingers, just because of the environmental difference. 

If you need a source of blood, you could try earlobes -- you'd need a
mirror and either an osmotic testing system like the Glucometer Elite,
OR pipettes to get the blood on the strip. But PLEASE don't use your

Good luck on getting pregnant! 
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