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Re: [IP] Different BS reading from test from toe and finger !?

APRIL MAR wrote:
> I am trying to get pregnant and so testing between 10 and 15 times a day
> for good control.  Because of the wear and tear on my finger tips I
> thought I would try a test and see if I could use my toe.  So I tested
> using blood from my toe (results 62) and then immediately did another
> test with blood from my finger (result 89)!
> Does anyone have any idea why the results would vary so widely?

Several things are happening here. First, the normal test inconsistencies
can cause this much variation, if the reading from the toe sample was on 
the low side of actual and the finger sample read on the high side.
Meters are NOT totally accurate, and variations in sample size and
other factors can drive it + or -15% or so.

Besides that the blood going to your toes may have had more glucose used
by the time it got way down there, compared to the shorter journey to your
fingertip. Only way to be sure of that is to take the parallel tests 
repeatedly looking for a pattern, and in opposite order, toe first one
time, finger first the other. If they aren't consistent, see answer one

Ted Quick
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