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[IP] Is Diabetes a disability?

Hey folks,

This is a statement of fact, not a personal opinion...

The search for cases that involved diabetes and the ADA (Americans with 
Disabilities Act of 1990) returned three cases.  In all three cases, the 
court concluded that diabetes did not limit a major life activity and was 
therefore not a disability.  A couple of these have been apealed so we will 
have to see what the Supreme court says about "medicated" vs. Non-medicated 

One case was about a man who had been t1 for 14 years while working at the 
same job.  He was fired after repeatedly breaking rules.  He claimed that he 
was discriminated against because of the diabetes.  The facts showed that 
diabetes had nothing to do with it and the employer had been very 

The second case was about another man that go fired.  He claimed that his t2, 
diet & exercise controled diabetes caused his rude and abusive behavior that 
eventually got him fired.  He felt that the ADA would cover him and the 
employer should have tranferred him to a different department. 

The third case is about a man who wanted to be a mechanic for UPS.  UPS 
requires that he get his Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification to 
operate commercial motor vehicles.  DOT regulations prohit an Insulin 
dependant diabetic
from getting this certication.  He wasn't hired.  He claimed discrimination.  
The court 

Just like there are "bad" employers, there are "bad" people who want to use 
the law to their advantage (like the first two appeared to be doing).  

If anyone wants more information about the ADA or what qualifies as a 
disability, let me know.

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