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Sound Real Good to me, Garry. I always hated kissing floors and 
hugging commodes. My lows with the pump are much easier to 
diagnose and control. Part of it comes from getting off NPH. 
Another part comes from becomming more aware of just what 
happens with my Bgs (multiple testing, counting carbs...).  I often 
can pull myself out of a crash with just a couple Sweet Tarts and 
shutting off my pump. No more NPH playing havoc with my Bgs.

> Since I have been on the pump, my tolerance for lows BG's has
> dropped.  Before the pump I would be kissing the floor with
> readings under 30.  Now I can be in the teens and still be able to
> treat myself.  I don;t know if this is good or bad? Any thoughts? 
> Garry Boylan

George Lovelace
Dxed 1964, Reborn 8/13/98
My Other Beta Cells are Battery-Powered
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