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Re: [IP] Excel Spreadsheet

> From: "Jeff Dempsey" <email @ redacted>
> I am also trying to get the specifics for the Accuchek Complete, so I can
download the
> info directly onto the spreadsheet.
Roche will not give out the communications specs for the Accuchek Complete.
You have to buy their Accutility software which will download the data and
save it to an ASCII file (*.pat is how they name it). I then use Wordpad to
cut the sections I don't need and then import it into my software program. I
don't think you would be able to just import into a database or spreadsheet
because of the way the data is written...tab delimited, different info
written on different lines. If you need any suggestions on how to get the
data into a format that you can use, let me know. I've wriiten my own
software and would be glad to help.


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