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[IP] A forum about pumping

Hi pumpers,

I wanted to pass on the invitation I sent out tonight about a forum I'm having!  Since I
never heard back from reps at Mini Med and Disetronic about helping me out with this
forum, I thought maybe some of you might be able to help me!  If any of you could come
and help answer questions and just share your ideas and experiences with the pump, I'd
really appreciate it!  If you are not on my mailing list and don't get my notices
regularly, email me and I'd be glad to add you!  I promise not to bombard you with
mail!  :-)

Anyway... take a look... hope you can make it....

Hi everyone,

It's time for another forum!  This will be my last one before summer
starts and I will take some time off from the computer!  I need a
break!  So I hope you will all come to this forum and learn about
insulin pumps!

I tried to get reps from Disetronic and Mini Med to join us but got no
replies!  So I hope that those of you out there who have a pump will
come and tell us about them!  I know many many parents and diabetics are
interested in pumps and have many questions!  Now we'll have a chance to
ask the questions and those of you who are experienced can help answer
them!  I'd really appreciate it!

The forum will be Thursday, May 6 at 10pm EDT (9pm CDT, 8pm MDT, and 7pm
PDT) in my chat room at http://virtualnurse.com/Chat/Diabetes/   I hope
you can all make it!  Here are a few links to go along with the

1.  Disetronic Website -  http://www.disetronic.com/   They have a chat
every Monday night about their pumps!  Registration for chatting is

2.  Mini Med Web -  http://www.minimed.com/   Be sure to check out their
new book "Teens Pumping It Up" which they have put on their website in
it's entirerity!

3.  KidsRPumping -  http://members.aol.com/CamelsRFun/index.html   This
site is well known for being the largest collection of children's pump
stories!  Print this out and take it with you to the doctor when you
want to broach the subject of a pump for your child!

4.  Insulin Pumper's Homepage -  http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
This is where you can find the largest mailing list for pumpers!  I
suggest you join the digest version!  There are 1200 new pumping friends
to be found here!

5.  The Insulin Pump Webring -
Here's a great new site... a webring just for pumping websites or
pages!   So far there are 11 sites concerning pumps listed here!

6.  Pumping Insulin - http://diabetesnet.com/pibook1.html  If you're
looking for a "How To" book about pumping, this is it!  Check it out!

One other link I wanted to pass on to you is for Deb Butterfield's new
book "Showdown With Diabetes" at
http://www.insulin-free.org/shop/showdown.htm   It sounds like a
fantastic book and I've already sent in my order!  Check it out!

I hope these help you!  Please email me if you have any questions!  Hope
to see you Thursday night!



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