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[IP] precipitating onset of IDDM

Well, here I buck the cyber-trend.  I had glucosuria as an infant once, 
followup was normal.  At 3, I was hopitalized with a single venous 
hyperglycemic level (which I can't find out and my mother doesn't recall) and 
the hospital visit was full of normal blood glucoses, then during my 11 th 
summer I lost some weight, had a great summer, and came back from a camping 
trip in August with polyuria to the extent that my mother and grandmother 
(with NIDDM) had me use some TesTape and "Voila" a 10 day hospital visit with 
the diagnosis of IDDM.  Came home on 2 units of U-40 NPH insulin once daily.  
So I can't say we had an identifiable virus or stress here, but then the 
actual "start" of the death of my beta cells is in question for sure.  Maybe 
I just had the longest "honeymoon" on record.  It would have been interesting 
to have available then the antibody testing that is available now.

Just an interesting tidbit.

Live long and prosper with pumping.  Avoid the Borg, except those with pumps.

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