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RE: [IP] Help with post breakfast bg spikes, and help with protien , weekend basel

If I am to late for these subjects, I am sorry I have been so busy.

For me (ymmv) I always spike after breakfast only to come crashing down 
between the 2 and 3rd hour after a bolus. Every time I try to bring down a 
2 hour high after breakfast with more insulin I crash very severely with 
extreme low bg. The only exception to this is when I have a bad site, then 
I have ketones along with my high bg. My CDE told me that it was not 
uncommon for the hormones that help you wake in the morning, to also make 
you insulin resistance for a time after you wake. This happens at no other 
meal of the day for me except breakfast.

I was having a very hard time with protein causing a high bg and one that 
was stubborn to come down. I did call me CDE about it and she had told me 
to count my grams of protein and fat and cover half the amount with my 
insulin to carb ratio in a square wave. I use the dual option for my bolus 
with every meal except breakfast and I cover my fast carbs with a "now"   
bolus and any complex carbs,  fat or protein I cover in a two or three hour 
square. I have only had a couple problems since then.

My weekend basal is .4 and sometimes .3 as compared to .6 during the week, 
I also have to lower my bolus if I am going to do any prolong activity, 
like cleaning the pool, deep cleaning a room etc. If I am having a "lazy 
weekend" (which I need more of) I keep my profiles the same. Or if I am 
wanting to have a treat, for me it is usually a bunch of fruit I do it on 
the weekend during these activities, keep my profile on it's week schedule 
and my bg is fine.

If I said what has already been said sorry.
I hope these ideas help
Take Care

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