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Re: [IP] Information category

email @ redacted wrote: 
> Sera,
>  The lack of type 2's on the  pump is due to their non need for insulin.  I fyuou 
>  don't need insulin there is nothing to pump.

On the contrary, an estimated 30% - 50% of Type 2's eventually DO need

As Type 2 progresses, in many people, the production capacity of the
beta cells deteriorates, and the pancreas becomes unable to keep up with
their need for insulin, EVEN with sulfonylureas kicking it, and other
drugs helping with insulin sensitivity. The fact that many or most are
insulin-resistant only makes it worse, because they often require a LOT
of insulin. Type 2's on insulin usually continue to take
insulin-sensitizing drugs like Metformin and Rezulin, but they can't
control their DM without insulin. 

For an insulin-requiring Type 2, insulin is not an immediate
life-or-death issue in that they can survive for an extended time
without insulin injections, but the result is gradually increasing blood
sugars, which just take longer to kill. The time frame could be 2 - 5
years or more, but the result is still the same. Plus there are all
those ugly complications! 

And the pump is a quality-of-life issue -- all the things that Type 1's
praise about the pump apply to insulin-requiring Type 2's as well.
Flexibility of schedule, not having to find the damn syringe, etc. etc.

Also, just for information, when a Type 2 goes on insulin, it doesn't
make them a Type 1; the etiology of the disease remains the same -- but
the insulin IS necessary.

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