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Re: [IP] the yin and the yang of diabetes

I have 24 yrs. with this disease, I wish there was something else to call it. 
 I have not had the good luck of only one complication.  For the first 10 
yrs. I had very few if any complications, but I had the opportunity to meet 
the prejudice of the public.  One person I worked with took every opportunity 
to try to trip me up, it was so obviouse that my supervisor took us aside, 
though I wass trying my level best to get along with this person, this was 
before pumps andmeters.  When confronted this person said "I can't see how 
anyone can stand to work with a p-s--r!"  I was soon able to get a job in a 
different part of the hospital, yes it was a mental hospital where some of 
the most compassionate people in the world work, and I ran into an R.N.  who 
told me when she saw my left eye, which had a large cataract which I had been 
told was inoperable, that I should wear a patch over that eye as it disturbed 
her, or I should try to get a janitorial job so people would not have to see 
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