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Re: [IP] Re:Why

In a message dated 99-04-30 22:58:55 EDT, you write:

<< I want to know Why DR still use the three hour bg test Why not a hga1c 
 It seems in type 2 it would be a better tool to get an overall idea of what 
 is going on.Had a pt today who had a vascular surgery 4 yrs ago now in renal 
 failure just dx today with diabetes.  >>

The 3 hour test you refer to may be the glucose tolerance test. It is more 
useful for diagnosing early type 2 and glucose intolerance. The A1C is useful 
, along with the day to day numbers to look at overall control and is not too 
useful in early stages of type 2, because many of those people produce a lot 
of insulin to overcompensate for their lack of effective insulin, so may show 
normal fasting BGs. Renal failure takes about 15 to 20 years to develop to 
the stage where dialysis is considered.
Barbara B.
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