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Re: [[IP] Easy disease]

At 08:42 AM 4/30/1999  denise poole wrote:
 >I don't think it is easy, yet I wouldn't call it a disability.  To me their
 >should be some middle ground.  So far it has infringed on my life only in 
 >fact that I wanted to be a police officer after I finished high school.  15
 >mos before that would happen I got diabetes.

Although for most of us it is not a "disability" in the sense of being 
totally disabling, it does cause major lifestyle changes. The main value of 
being called a disability and included in the ADA, in my opinion, is the 
protections it offers in employment, etc. There have been many people, 
harassed and fired (or not hired) because of diabetes. In the US, the ADA 
offers some protection and an avenue of redress. Employers must make 
reasonable accommodation for your "disability". That includes time off for 
doctor visits, being able to eat on time (for non-pumpers), or allowance 
for testing, low-BGs etc. When having a job is not only crucial for basic 
income, but for health insurance as well, I think that this protection is 


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