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Re: [Re: [IP] diabetes easy!?]

In a message dated 99-04-30 12:46:51 EDT, you write:

<< the bottom line is 
 that these cyber-forums afford everyone a chance to vent their feelings at 
 that moment, while also respecting that the commonality of a disease does 
 guarantee a commonality of reactions to having said chronic illness. >>

Well said, Renee! I think this medium allows people the opportunity to vent 
where they have never had the opportunity before. No one can see the body 
language or the other no-verbal cues that really convey how one is feeling. 
Many would not express how they feel if others could see that. Face to face 
sharing of feelings makes us all feel vulnerable and "naked".  Some peope 
have no other way to vent, even with family or close friends. Let's all have 
a bit more compassion here. It saddens me as a professional, to read what 
often sounds like personal attacks and insensitivity. This is a group for 
education, support and sharing. The rules should be that it is OK to be angry 
and sad and frustrated. If we can't be supportive, then read on and don't 
respond, but let's not alienate anyone.
Just my humble opinion. 
Barbara B.
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