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Re: [IP] Help with post breakfast bg spikes

In a message dated 99-04-30 07:52:42 EDT, you write:

<<   fasting bg    108
             2 hrs after
             eating          198
             3 hrs after
             eating          114 >>

Where do you want it to be? What is the breakfast content? The number 3 hours 
after eating is excellent. Relax. The number before the next meal is most 
important anyway. This could be a case of "your milage may vary" (YMMV). 
Maybe you only need a breakfast increase of .5 to 1.0 added to the bolus. Too 
much might cause you to be a lot lower than you want by the next meal. What 
is your BG closer to the next meal? Have you basal tested the morning hours 
where you skip breakfast and test hourly for 5 hours? There is not enough 
info here to give a more positive suggestion.  Good luck.
Barbara B.
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