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Re: [IP] Young pumpers and tight control

>  compromise for feeling good and tight control is that she tests her
>  blood 5-7X a day.  She seems to be happy with that compromise. >>
> As long as she is happy and not having hypos you couldn't ask for
> more :)  Problems can occur if the child is grossly unhappy or is
> having lots of hypos.
> Hats off to all you wonderful parents who are taking such good care
> of their kids!!  :)

When Lily was dx'd it sometimes took her 30 - 45 minutes to do a 
finger poke. this improved over the first couple of months until she 
did it as quick as ever, But..... she still didn't like it. As soon 
as she got her pump she felt empowered. She had control! Then it 
didn't matter about the finger pokes. She'll do one at the drop of a 
hat because that is the way she can control the process, not the 
other way around. Testing is power, not a compromise for her.
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