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[IP] Balky endo's

> Taylor is 8 years old, and was diagnosed in March '99.  We are here
> getting as much info as possible to see if we can persuade his endo
> into letting him get the pump.  He is still in the honeymoon phase. 

Honeymoon is irrelavant to pump therapy. The test/shot/eat regimien 
is still the same grind. The restrictions on his life are still the 
same. Lily started 5 months after dx and was definitely honeymooning 
for at least another 6 months. She ran a basal rate of '0' for 5 
hours a day. The improvement in quality of life were 1000%. Read her 
comments on the kids page "Lily's Essay". Don't let the endo make 
your son wait. There is no justification for witholding the best 
possible treatment.

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