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[IP] RE: IP The Yin and Yang of Diabetes

I really enjoyed this post.

As the mother of a child with diabetes, I find one of the most frustrating
things to be the inability to convey the "almost" normality of his life.
It's a big IF, as the saying goes.  The huge amount of responsibility even a
young child has to shoulder with diabetes can be exhausting.  Most days my
son feels fine and completely ordinary, but some days, (even thought he is
16 now, and has been dealing with this since he was 10) are horrible. Those
are the days when we have tears.

The pump has been a great blessing, since when all goes well it really
enables him to have a regular teenage life. But the reactions of people can
be discouraging..."did  eating too much sugar cause your diabetes?" "Will he
ever be normal?" And, as Jen says, the cheerful stories of multiple
amputations, blindness, sudden death, etc.

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