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[IP] Re: good timing

> I know I'll die someday.  My goal is to put that day off as long as possible,
> and enjoy the ride.  Everyone has their problems.  I have mine.  (feel free to
> let me
> know)  My basic premise for saying this is insulin was discovered a few 70
> years ago.  In the history of man, I am incredibly lucky to be born in a country
> where insulin is cheap , reliable,
> and available.  I am smart enough to realize that to get an education
> increases my chances of having insurance pay for it.  I was given a gift, with
> strings attached and some parts
> defective.  I intend to use it as fully as possible.
> Jeff

Amen!  I could not agree more with this sentiment.  Diabetes is tough, and I don't
enjoy it.  But there are a lot of other crosses to bear, and worse lots in life
than this.


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