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[IP] Honeymoon Over?

Hi, All:

I've been pumping since the 15th of this month.  Things were going great. 
All the sudden, in the past several days, I've been getting a bunch of high
and variable blood sugars.  Same results with several different sites.  No
illness or infection that I know of, no more stress that usual, and it's
not time for my period.  I'm not proficient at carb-counting yet, but I was
even less proficient the first two weeks!  And my husband says I am eating
less now than B.P. (Before Pump).

This situation is aggravating the heck outta my NPTSS (really bumming me
out)--not to mention making me feel bad physically.  

In the transition to pumping, is it normal for your basal need to go *up*
after a while?  I know overall insulin need is likely to go *down* at first
(which mine did), but what about later?

Any shared experiences, suggestions, or explanations appreciated.


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