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[IP] re: exam results...

Thanks everyone!  Ro - I'm in southern Rhode Island, with lots of hats
(*LOL*)..... team diabetes educator & clinical exercise physiologist,
currently program coordinator of a hospital based cardiac & pulmonary rehab
program - which is unfortunately FULL of lots of people with diabetes
(mostly Type 2's).... but, aaaaah the importance of lifelong
self-management - and perhaps most importantly, for that we need the right
tools!  Tools that include pumps, or effective MDI plans, or the most
efficiant oral meds, glucometers, the knowledge to put it all together &
make it work as it *can* and **SHOULD**, the ability to forgive ourselves
if & when it doesn't, fantastic support groups like THIS ONE(!), "angel
endo's" & CDE's like "our Barbara" (who I can only hope to emulate) - and
btw, Cindy(!!) - can you hear me cheering for you?? :)
	I am not sure how this will go over... but I have to admit that, in an odd
sort of way, my diabetes has been a gift really - not only has it led me
down this career path but also has given me an empathy & compassion toward
life with a chronic disease state (& not just this one, but all(!)).... it
is a life-experience that I use EVERYDAY - in my work, in my relationships
both personal & professional, in my living!  I have had it "easy" re:
diabetes - no complications, no hosp. since dx, etc - and perhaps my
philosophies would be different had I walked in other shoes... I hope not,
but then again...  
	Until there is a cure, I want to be a part of changing the way the world
sees "diabetics".  And the choice to pump insulin obviously plays a very
large role.  I don't mind being called "diabetic" - because I am!  Just
like I am a 'Woman' (with a capital 'W', but not a Packer's fan - sorry!
*LOL*)  Don't let those who don't know better get to you - instead
change/challenge them.  They can't insult you if YOU aren't insulted! (this
isn't easy... I'm still working on it... but it IS better than the
alternative.)  & I am quite good at *ignoring* too! ;)  Oh, and confession
- I HAVE called a few chosen souls "hemorrhoids"... hee, heee!  Apologies
for length...

-Delaine  <innocent grin!>  :)

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