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Re: [IP] reliable meters

On 29 May 98 at 18:16, Michael Maturen wrote:

> The meters are calibrated differently.  The DEX gives a reading that is
> calibrated to lab (serum/plasma).  The others you mentioned are
> calibrated to whole blood, which reads 12-15% LOWER than serum/plasma.
> The serum/plasma is the TRUE reading, and is the standard by which
> treatment protocols are based.

Both readings are actually true - sort of like giving directions to 
someone from here to Nashville - if my wife tells them it is 140 
miles and I tell them it is 225 kilometers we are both "correct".  
The key is to properly identify the units and the calibrations - I'm 
often confused when someone gives their bg in those flakey mmol units 
because they sound wrong - you just cannot have a bg of 12.4 in a 
rational world....

The problem with the meters comes when you switch back and forth 
between different calibarations - you have to constantly try to 
figure out the difference between the meters, and it isn't a linear 
or stable function.  Between 75 and 125 my DEX, Profile, AccuCheck 
Instant and Complete, and the FastTake all read within a few points 
of each other - but outside of that range they tend to diverge 

Randall Winchester

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