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Re: [IP] EMLA cream

I always use Emla on Ryan age 10, if he has a reg. Peditrician or your doc can
perscribe it.  Perhaps you have a friend who is a nurse.  Or it could be
possible you don't need a perscription.  If al else call the pharmacy and ask
if you need a perscription.  It applied or we apply it by running a line the
length of needle that will be inserted.  It takes about an hour to work really
well.  The creme does need to be covered by a tegaderm dressing.  If all else
fails E-mail me personally at Dedonc @aol.com with your address and I'll mail
you a tube with the tegaderm dressing to go with it.  Children are much more
sensitive then adults, and the nurse talked Ryan out of the Emla creme and it
really set him back.  I had to really work with him to let me try again but
this time we used the Emla, we have had no problem since and we change him
every 3 days.  Infact he will remind me sometimes that it is the third day.

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