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Silhouettes/Tenders (was RE: [IP] Darla's site pain)

Hi Darla,

MiniMed markets the Silhouettes and Disetronic markets the Tenders. 
They are exactly the same.  Both of them are inserted with a bent needle
which is removed leaving a Teflon(?) cannula in place just under your
skin.  The difference in these and MiniMed's SofSets is that these go in
at an angle while the SofSets go straight in.

<< I am just a little confused with all the needles and stuff.  What are
tender/silhouette?  I have never heard of these ones.  I know which the
needles are but nothing about these ones.  HELP!!!!!!!!
I have never been so confused.  Does MM make these as well?  Please let
Darla >>


	... Sue  :-)

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