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Re: [IP] new pump

In a message dated 98-05-30 15:30:11 EDT, you write:

<< I got two different stories on the 507c.
 1) The person at MiniMed's 800 number said that the "c" in 507c simply
 stands for the charcoal color (i.e. 507b would be blue, 507g would be
 2) My local MiniMed rep told me that the 507c is made to work with a
 cradle that will read information from the infra-red ports and interface
 with a computer.  He indicated that this particular pump is not yet
 available everywhere but as soon as it hits a market area all MiniMed
 pumps sold there will be this model.  He also told me that MiniMed has
 an upgrade policy.

The rep was right.  Someone needs to give the operators a clue!!!!!

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