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Re: [IP] food question again

Hi Ellen,
I'd echo the two responses that I already see here -- intense exercise
definately does depress appetite, and you may have gastroparesis.  I'd
definately prefer the first (been there done that), but don't let them say
that your A1c's have been to good for gastroparesis to be a possibility
(been there done that).  I'd talk to a good endo, and do a bit of research
on the web first so that you come prepared with questions.  Life is a
challenge, but it continues to be good.
ps feel free to mail me privately email @ redacted
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Date: May 30, 1998 03:29 PM
Subject: [IP] food question again

>people, i asked a food question a few days ago and have had no response.
>noone out there had this problem?  i have had all my questions answered
>so i'm sure someone has experienced this.  my question follows.  i am
>patiently for your response.
>ok, here is my food question.  i have no desire to eat--ever.  i have never
>been like this before.  i'm thinking this is strange but i will say i have
>never felt better in my life.  i engage in alot of exercise--running,
>swimming, aerobics, and weight lifting.  this doesn't make me hungry.  i
>eat (i'm guessing) 800 calories/day.  i'm not overweight or underweight.  i
>not anorexic because i eat 3 meals/day(more like snacks) plus the food i
>to combat low bgs.  i think i'm asking this question because i feel great
>and i don't want to crash in a month for some unexpected reason.  i also
>with all my exercise i should be eating alot more, but i don't want it.
>anyone have an idea about this situation.  maybe i'm just paranoid and
>guilty because i have never felt this good.  ellen
>p.s. i am 5'4" and 125#.
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