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Re: [IP] food question again


Hi, sorry I missed your previous post.  I also exercise alot.  Lots of step
aerobics, running and biking.  I also get to where I don't feel like eating
and with the pump it is easy to skip meals.  I do believe if you ate more
regularly you would feel more hungry.  I used to skip breakfast and not be
hungry for lunch and I found if I ate breakfast I was hungry.  This is the way
your body is supposed to work.  I think you should really try to eat more
regular, not a crazing type of diet.  Maybe write down exactly what you are
eating and the amounts.  You might be surprised that you are consuming enough
calories.  I would think if it was gastroparisis you might have other
symptoms.  I would definately mention this to your endo and see a RD about
this.  I'm sure you are just fine.

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