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Re: [IP] re Food question

brian,  thanks for your input.  i was thinking that gastroparesis might be a
possibility, but i didn't want to get pessimistic.  i have been tested for
that and did not have it, but that was a couple of years ago.  i will ask
about it at my next endo visit in september unless of course i start feeling
badly before then.  i'm glad to hear kerry is getting help.  kerry might like
tai chi.  my husband does it and he is very high strung.  it has reduced alot
of his stress.  it is a very slow moving exercise that some people even do in
wheelchairs.  supposedly, it has alot of health benefits.  quite a few people
in his class have reduced chronic pain with tai chi. i haven't tried it
because i reduce stress by engaging in high intensity exercise, but i probably
will get into it one day.  this is just a kind of off the wall suggestion.
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