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[IP] Humorous Replies To Dumb Questions (From MiniMed's Web Site)

Hi All,

I just found these comments on the MiniMed Web Site and couldn't resist
sharing them with all of you:

One night at a formal dinner, one of us had our a pump in a rather well
inaccessible spot, when an HP alarm sounded. As this concerned pumper
reached down her dress for the pump, the waiter leaned over her and
"Pardon me... Are your breasts beeping?" "No...," I shot back, "It's my
smoke detector." 

                   Since then, our minds have flitted through the number
one question that strangers ask...

                   "Are you wearing a beeper?" 

                        No, I'm an alien. It's the communicator to my
                        No, I'm really an android; it's my battery pack. 
                        No, it's Ralph, my pet radio. I'm very attached
to him. 
                        No, it's a new PC I'm testing for IBM. 

                   Here is a select quip for those incredibly astute
remarks such as ... "Did you know that there is a wire hanging out of
your pants?" 

                        It's a detonator... I hope you don't smoke. 

                   Lastly, there is the ultimate question... "Do you
wear your pump all the time...even when you are...you know...?" 

                   You could say: 

                        Yes, it just bounces around the bed. 
                        No, we put it under the pillow so it won't get

	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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