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[IP] what is Bard?

Bob wrote:

What is a Bard wipe? I haven't heard of these things. Who makes them?

bard is a “protective barrier film” made by, uh...Bard.  It is the size of an
alcohol wipe.  I guess it is something they use for colostomy bags, cuz the
instructions say “prepare area around stoma....”  

You clean skin using preferred method (bard suggested their cleanser, I use
alcohol wipe - you could use betadine or whatever, i am sure).  According to
the package, you are supposed to wait til thats dry, THEN apply the bard wipe,
then let that dry for a minute.  I don’t wait til either are dry.  It is
sticky, almost tacky to the touch, but not grossly so.  It sticks the tender
to me like glue!!!  

I get mine from Home Medical (“now a Minimed company”) 1-800-726-3059.  

Good stuff maynard

}-)=B xoxx
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