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[IP] IP] Tonya's Totally frustrated!!!!!!

 Tonya wrote:  
> Okay, O' Great Ones Of Experience...I need some words of encouragment
> I have been up and down and can't get it back to where it was 
> Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!  It is not my carb. counting......I am NOT over
> when it is high (I do the little math equation with the calculator even!)

You probably already figured out your answer, but NOTHING IS WRONG!!  Maybe
the reason you were having so much difficulty is that your body is re-
adjusting to its insulin needs now.  If you and the doc have ruled out
controllable possibilites, ie. bad site, bad insulin, missed bolus or even
that time of month (when ALL bets are off), you may just be getting more
receptive to the insulin that it is being pumped in gently rather than forced
in via syringe.  You may no longer be depoting insulin.  Your calculations may
need to be adjusted.  You could be over insulinating yourself, crashing and
rebounding, which can be
hard to control/predict.  As everyone else says, just give it time.  You may
never perfect it, but, as they say, the pursuit of perfection is a waste of

}-)=B xoxx
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