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Re: [IP] Hibiclens and Cleosin T

> Hi John,
> I've experienced a similar phenomenon.  2 years after I developed
> diabetes, I have had almost constant problems with atheletes foot.  Have
> tried EVERYTHING to cure it.  Sometimes it goes away for a few weeks,
> but it always returned.  About 3 weeks after I went on the pump in
> March, the athletes foot problem mysteriously disappeared and has not
> returned.  I think it has something to do with being on the pump. 
> Anyway, I'm REAL happy about it.
> Becky D.

Yes Becky, me too. My persistent on and off athletes foot problem
dissappeared (5 months now). Also under-nail fungus just went. And
dandruff. And some other things that I can't remember right now...

The candida (thrush) that my girl friend and I have "shared" for years
also went, but I was devastated recently when we both suffered a
simultaneous attack. (We've tried everything BTW, including special
diets) It didn't coincide with any drop in my control. Ah well, at least
it is less often!

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