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Re: Re: [IP] what do I do with this thing

In a message dated 5/30/98 4:47:00 AM, you wrote:

<< You can usually keep the pump on, but relocate the site to your upper
Often, your basal rate may be sufficient, or slightly lower if you go without
food for a long time. Sometimes, major surgery will cause higher BGs, but
those are easier to adjust as long as your site is absorbing and there are no
catheter kinks. I have had at least 4 patients go through surgical prodedures
just fine.  Sara and a few others here have had some fist hand experiences.
Hope it all goes well for you, Tonya.

Barbara B.>>

also, typically a lap is only a very slight incision so you may not need to
move the site other than to the far side.  this you may want to discuss with
the physician doing the lap if you feel comfortable with their knowledge and
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