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[IP] Sara is my role model (was:what do I do with this thing)

>> I am scheduled for surgery in July.  What do I do with this pump?!?  <snip>
 -Tonya D.  :-)

Michael wote:
>Hah! get written instructions from SARA :-))), better yet, take her
>with you, she'll scare 'em to death.

Okay,  I need to book you to come to surgery with me too,  Sara.  I don't
know when it will be (early fall, I imagine) but I think I would be willing
to spring for the plane ticket in order to have some help in convincing the
doctors to leave some area below my waist that is not scar tissue! (I found
out today I need to have a tumor removed from my ovary, either by
laproscopy or the C-section type thing).

The bizarre thing is that my first thought was that I was going to lose
potential pump site acreage but the doctor thought I was worried about
future fertility!  Ha!

I hadn't got as far as thinking about my pump, but I will probably wear it
above my waist on the opposite side.

type 1, 18 years
pump, 13 years  =>>> in need of    m o r e   pump sites, not less  :')

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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