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Re: [IP] School and pumping

>Can somebody please help me.  I am having trouble with Spencer not being
>supervised during his lunch time test and bolus.  The endo nurse called
>the school nurse and she even wrote a letter to the school explaining
>that he would need to be watched the rest of the school year.  Well, he
>has already missed 2 bolus' this week and it is really beginning to tick
>me off.  I am tempted to call the school and tell them he won't be
>coming in the last 3 1/2 days of school, because he isn't getting what
>his diabetes is requiring.  Any suggestions on what I should do?

I have seen many similar threads.  It seems the ADA guarentees the right
for disabled kids (yep, we qualify as disabled under this act) to take
advantage of the public school system.  In cases where the parnets can't
get good cooperation form the school they usually write a letter to the
school board quoting the appropriate paragraph form the ADA and threatening
a lawsuit for "neglect of care".

Seems to bring results!  Good luck, Lisa.

BTW:  Here we do  not have school nurses.  I don;'t know how old Spencer is
but myself and most other kids were on our own for diabtes mgt by age 9

Darrin Parker
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