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Re: [IP] I am a PERSON, not just a diabetic

This is one of the two main reasons why I want the pump.  Being on MDI
means having an umbilical cord bwteen me and my supplies.  Being extremely
stressed, busy and having no "daily routine" makes me feel like I'm
dragging a chain and ball.

Often I forget a bottle or syringe and then cope by rebelling.  I'd feel
much better about myself and much more free if not for having to remember
to drag 3 bottles of insulin, syringes, pen etc etc.  I know I'd take
better care of myself with a better self-image and the freedom.

Unfortunately my type I endo gets along well on MDi so he says I should too. :(

>On 29 May 98 at 12:10, email @ redacted wrote:
> It is nice to be able to be "Mary Jean, the
>> quilter, cabin builder, internet junkie, wife, mom, daughter, sister,
>> volunteer, gardener, avid reader, dog lover, bird watcher, contemporary jazz
>> fan, sports car driver, little league baseball scorekeeper, Green Bay
>> fan, lover of logic problems, collector of folk art chickens, and
>>insulin pump
>> evangelist" again, instead of "Mary Jean, the diabetic".
>That is one of the great things about pump therapy - it lets us get
>our identities back... as people instead of walking medical

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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