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Re: [IP] School and pumping

>Can somebody please help me.  I am having trouble with Spencer not being
>supervised during his lunch time test and bolus

We've been very lucky(?) in that there are 5 other kids at our school are
diabetic, and the entire staff knows what is expected if they happen to be
the lucky one with a pancreas-challenged child in their classroom (GRIN)
After talking to some of the parents who were responsible for getting school
staff "trained" (meaning do what is prescribed for each child - they all
vary - don't go by anyone else's medical plan) I found that the word
liability will bring folks into line very quickly! The staff was very happy
to listen to how I wanted Stephanie dealt with when she started pumping over
Spring Break. To make bolusing easier, I packed lunch every day for several
weeks, including a note with carb values for each item in her lunch so she
had a reminder when she opened her lunch box. Today was the last day of
school, and Steph remembered every day...I like the other response that
suggested tying the logical consequence (feeling yuck) to the forgotten
bolus, though, and will train toward that for the fall!


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