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Re: [IP] School and pumping

Brenda & Lisa:
    This one is a tough call...My 15 year old has also forgotten, although
less often lately.  Depending on the child's age & level of responsibility, my
"gut reaction" would be NOT to involve the school since a) I agree he needs to
be responsible for consequences of forgetting  b) you DON'T want him becoming
dependent on their reminders  c) as you said, the error CAN be remedied fairly
quickly....I try to believe that Melissa feels soooooo good when her bgs are
in range, that the horrible feeling of being HIGH from forgetting a bolus
would serve as a better motivator to NOT forget the next time....But she's
still a child & even the adults on this mailing group admit to having
forgotten to bolus....so we just move forward....Last time she did that & was
in the high 300s at lunch at school, I just said "hmmm, haven't done that in a
long while- bet you weren't feeling too great!".....I consider this yet
another "life skill" - knowing that no one's perfect & that when you make a
mistake, pick yourself up, brush yourself off & MOVE ON!!!!! 
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