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Re: [IP] reliable meters

> > I've tested it side-by-side with the One Touch 2, Profile, and Complete
> > before and gotten similar readings (statistically the same reading). What
> > gives?
Different technologies for the sensing mechanism.

The profile is not as sensitive to the amount of blood and reads 
whole blood, while most of the other technologies read the glucose 
content of the plasma (which also gives a 10-12% higher reading). The 
profile will almost almost alway tell you that you have not applied 
an adequate amount of blood with a direct message or a bogus message 
that says it was a control test. The plasma reading meters can give 
you a bad bg reading without a warning unless you grossly miss the 
amount of blood needed.

This analysis is based only on Lily's repeated testing with several 
profile meters and several 'other brands' that use the plasma reading 
technology. YMMV

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