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Re: [IP] School and pumping

What is the procedure at your school for the other kids that need meds at
lunch time? At our school the kids go to the office at lunch for their meds. I
am considering having my son go to the office to do his bolus as he has missed
(forgot) several boluses in the last couple of months. This is something I am
struggling with because I'm not sure that I want to give the school any
indication that they have any say in how or when he does his boluses. Also I
don't want him to become dependent on others to remember his bolus. So for now
I think I'll let it go. The beauty of Humalog is if he comes home at 500, 6
units will have him back to 120 in 1 hour. However if he continues to forget
(but he seems to be getting better with constant reminders) I may have him go
to the office for his bolus. 
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