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[IP] Re: Vitrectomy, was Re: Help Bitrectomie - going blind

I'm forwarding this message from a misc.health.diabetes so that my friends here
that have had a vitrectomy can help Francisco understand it better. I believe
in Portugal.

Francisco Silva Domingues < email @ redacted > wrote:
> > I would appreciate any help about a case with a rellative that as diabetes
> > and is going blind.
> > He was told that a BITRECTOMIE operation could help him.
> >  If you have some experience or know someone who does i would thank you if
> > you reply to this message.

> I haven't had the need for this, but have many friends on Internet that have
> had it done.
> Incidentally, the actual name for it is Vitrectomy. It's an operation to
> replace the Vitreous Humor (the fluid inside the eye) with salt water to
> remove any blood that has leaked in from newly formed blood vessels on
> the retina.


> Thanks for your answer in the first place.
>  I'm writing to you to ask you if it would be possible to put me in contact
> with these friends of yours.
>  You could contact them and give them my email or give me their email if
> they allow you to.
> Thanks for all the trouble.
> Francisco Domingues

Please reply to:
email @ redacted

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