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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #325

Ah, how glad I am that I'm not referred to as a hemorrhoid!! <grin> -- this year for my
birthday, I was given a sugar free yogurt cake with hot fudge from TCBY.  I didn't take
it as a "diabetic" thing -- I took it, this year, as a thoughtful way for all of us to
watch our carbohydrates!  Everyone in my office is counting carbs to lose weight.  I've
been helping them count them!!!! I really feel like I am one of the gang!  I was also
taken out to a very nice restaurant and never thought one thing about what I ordered.
What a birthday!

> A few years after diagnosis, a group of my friends gave me a birthday gift.  It was a
> basket filled with all sorts of "sugar-free" sweets... I do have lots of other
> interests, and I like the same kinds of things other people like.

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