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Re: [IP] Pump Improvements

Steve Fuller wrote:
> A very clear improvement MiniMed can make (and probably take greater market
> share in the US) is waterproofness. I would also like to see power
> indicator, how much battery is left.  

How would a "how much battery is left" indicator help? The low battery
warning is in fact a 7 days to go warning, which is ample time to
replace the batteries.

> My prediction is once a continuous monitoring device becomes available, the
> market for pumps will skyrocket. Why bother continously monitoring yourself
> if you aren't going to correct it, and with shots it would be a bit
> bothersome as well as less able to handle <1 unit increments.

If your so sure, why not buy a load of Minimed shares, and then watch
the price rise....? ;-) (But you'll need to keep the profits to buy the
GlucoseSensor test strips, which I bet will be V expensive!)

There was a public meeting by Minimed in Germany a few weeks ago,
demonstrating the new "Glukosesensor". I couldn't to go, but I'll report
back here if I get any more info about its German launch.

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