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Re: [IP] Hibiclens and Cleosin T

> Hmmm... this is interesting.  I have this stuff, prescribed by a
> dermatologist, to help with my overly youthful skin.  (OK, I'm well into my
> 30's and still have acne, Grrrrr...)  It is actually an antibiotic.  Works
> great for my face, now I have another use for it. 

Mary Jean,
I'm interested to here that. I'm 32, and have always in adult life had a
small but persistent amount of acne. Then I went on the pump. 2 days
later the acne was gone, and has never returned. This was definitely a
post-pump phenomenon for me.

Anyone else experience anything like this? It wouldn't surprise me if
diabetics on MDI had a worse acne problem, since the immune system is
constantly being challenged by the NPH, leaving it less effective for
the skin pore infections.... just a thought.
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