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Re: [IP] I am a PERSON, not just a diabetic

On 29 May 98 at 12:10, email @ redacted wrote:

> The pump has helped ease this quite a bit.  Recently, at yet another birthday
> gathering, these same friends remarked at how wonderful it is that I could
> choose to eat the cheesecake along with the rest of them.  And my gift this
> year was an item to decorate our cabin.  I was also given "real" chocolate
> this year, which I LOVE!!  It is nice to be able to be "Mary Jean, the
> quilter, cabin builder, internet junkie, wife, mom, daughter, sister,
> volunteer, gardener, avid reader, dog lover, bird watcher, contemporary jazz
> fan, sports car driver, little league baseball scorekeeper, Green Bay Packers
> fan, lover of logic problems, collector of folk art chickens, and insulin pump
> evangelist" again, instead of "Mary Jean, the diabetic". 

That is one of the great things about pump therapy - it lets us get 
our identities back... as people instead of walking medical 

Randall Winchester

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