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Re: [IP] Accu-Check Complete

On 29 May 98 at 9:25, email @ redacted wrote:

> It is a meter made for pumpers.  Has a 1000-value memory, easy to use,
> ACCURATE, trend reports, can customized to your needs, Trend information can
> be viewed over a variety of time periods.  Gives Brk, lunch and Sup at the
> same time, like looking at your log, also gives you boluses and basil rate.
> Last thing a chart or graph form can be displayed.  It also downloads to
> computer software!

Many of us have one of these meters - and I've heard them dubbed the 
"inComplete" in other conversations.  The customization software 
isn't readily available except to "medical professionals" (i.e. Dr. 
Death and Nurse Ratchet) and the user software isn't available 
either...  the "technical support" isn't very good compared to 
LifeScan and there are a lot of other issues involving the reps and 
the way the meter is being pushed through big endo practices and the 
rest of us get ignored...

However, if your doctor is one of those with a good relationship to 
the rep, maybe it's ok....  I am using mine (until I run out of 
strips and have to decide between it and the Profile) for a while.  
The software (or lack of software) will be the major influence on my 

Randall Winchester

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