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Re: [IP] MiniMed & Disetronic Pumps

On 28 May 98 at 22:52, email @ redacted wrote:

> i agree john.  before i got my D pump 2 years ago, i was given the minimed and
> the disetronic pump videos by my endo.  i looked at both and picked
> disetronic.  now my endo just gives out the minimed pump video.  me thinks
> he's been bought off!  ellen

Or maybe the pump reps are like the meter reps - one company wants my 
doctor to buy their "complete" solution after arguing for almost 
2 months that it doesn't exist, while the other one just gives the 
software and cables without any fuss...   while in other regions the 
company behaviors seem to be reversed.  

In some regions one company reps give out information, videos, 
freebies etc freely, while the other one doesn't even return phone 
calls (around here, MiniMed calls you back quickly, while Disetronic 
takes over a month, and then acts like "you mean you people out there 
in the sticks use insulin?")   I'm sure that in other parts of the 
country the situation is reversed...

Randall Winchester

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