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[IP] laurie/silhouettes, still trying

Laurie wrote:
> Has anyone else on silhouettes wore them in their thigh?  Did you find that
> night, or during a nap that you bg went lower?.....My basals were working
> before the sil, now I drop from 135 bg at 2:30 to 68 bg at 7...

I started using the silhouette/tender on my thigh when I was hospitalized in
February.  I was amazed that my sugars stayed so in control the entire time I
was in the hospital and attributed it to the frequent testing, the clear diet
and diligent monitoring of what kind of crap they were putting in my IV bag,
BUT when I got out of the hospital and continued to use my leg, due to my new
scar and sqeamishness about even looking at my stomach, my sugars stayed lower
- I had to lower my basals, even though by this time I was back to eating
normally.  I think the insulin is metabolized more efficiently there, cuz of
the circulation and
use of muscles in the area...as opposed to my stomach.  

Perhaps you are right about the relaxation - maybe the muscles have better
blood circulation when you are relaxed.  For me, I donít think I would use the
leg if I was going to be skiing or rollerblading.

}-)=B xoxx
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