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RE: [IP] Darla's site pain

Darla wrote:

> I have heard a couple of people mentioning the other types of needles.  I 
> choose the soft sets right off at the start because the idea of having the
> always in me made me a little qweezy. Does it hurt at all?  Can you feel the
> needle in you while you move around? And last question-  are they cheaper 
> than the soft sets?  

When I was put on the pump, my beloved CDE had me use the sofset.  Now, I am
NOT a jabber, I like to put it in ssssslllllllllooooooowwwwww  (shut up
Forrest).  I got it in on the first try (but it took 20 minues of heavy
breathing and drying of sweaty palms), and it HURT like a sumbi**h.  The next
day, when I checked the site when I got up, there was a purple and yellow
bruise the size of my HAND around the sofset.  Gerri (my CDE) kinda chuckled
and said, “well, I guess you don’t like the sof sets.”  So we did a bent
needle.  This also took several minutes of preparation, but then it I
realized, it was just the same needle on a syringe, so I took a deep breathe
and slid it in.  It did not hurt.  I never  went back to sofsets.  With the
bent needle, I would touch my skin and start to push and if it hurt at all, I
just moved it a 1/2 inch and tried again.

I could not feel the bent needle, unless I got it too high where there was
less fat and it poked me in some organ or ribs or something.  Pushing on the
site did not bother me either.

I guess the worst part about the bent needle was the tape that held it down,
those 2 strips of tape to hold the loop of tubing, and being unable to
disconnect.  I said c’ya to the bent needle and tape last year in favor of the
tender/silhouette.  It too goes in with a needle - and a BIG SCARY looking one
at that -  but I can still go as slow as I want. 

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